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About Hill Country Healthcare Liaison

Elizabeth Parker, RN, BSN

I have been a Critical Care RN for more than 14 years, caring for patients in Intensive Care Units in Austin, Kerrville, and Fredericksburg. I graduated from Baylor University with a BSN in 2003. Soon after, I became a healthcare advocate in 2016 and founded this liaison in Fredericksburg, Texas in January 2017.

As an RN, I am familiar with the local medical/health resources in Hill Country. I hope to assist those with difficult diagnoses, ensure streamline healthcare, improve communication among the healthcare team, and connect my clients with the medical resources they need. I am a member of the American Nurses Association, Texas Nurses Association, and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA).

My Type of Care


I will help you understand all of the confusing medical jargon and find answers to your questions so that you and your family understand your condition and treatment plan.


Your privacy is of utmost importance. Hill Country Healthcare Liaison is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant and will require a signed HIPAA release to best serve you.

Coordination of Care

I will review the care you are receiving to ensure that your doctor’s orders are being implemented correctly by your caregivers.

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